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27 01, 2023

On optimal packing of Minkowski balls and applications – ICMS Seminar talk by Nikolaj Glazunov

2023-01-27T12:36:28+02:00January 27th, 2023|ICMS Seminar, News|

We investigate lattice packings of Minkowski balls and domains. By results of the proof of Minkowski conjecture about the critical determinant we divide the balls and domains on 3 classes: Minkowski, Davis and Chebyshev-Cohn. The optimal lattice packings of the balls and domains are obtained. The minimum areas of hexagons inscribed in the balls and domains and circumscribed around them are given. These results lead to algebro-geometric structures in the framework of Pontrjagin duality theory.

27 01, 2023

Introduction to Resolution of Singularities

2023-01-27T12:08:30+02:00January 27th, 2023|ICMS Seminar|

In these lectures I will introduce the very basic objects that help study resolutions of singularities, from the point of view of valuations. This is the historic strategy pioneered by Zariski and later by Abhyankar. My goal is to present a proof of the resolution of surfaces in characteristic zero, via the local uniformization problem. This approach had lost momentum after Hironaka’s acclaimed breakthrough, but has regained interest in the 90s as new ideas emerged in the works of Spivakovsky and Teissier.

17 01, 2023

Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series – Andrés Navas

2023-01-17T09:26:19+02:00January 17th, 2023|Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series, News|

Andrés Navas is a mathematician specializing in dynamical systems, geometry, and group theory and is a world-renowned expert in ergodic theory. He was a student of Étienne Ghys. For his scientific achievements, he was awarded the MCA prize.

10 12, 2022

Women in Mathematics in South-Eastern Europe 2022

2023-05-22T13:12:32+03:00December 10th, 2022|Conferences, News|

The initiative Women in Mathematics of South-Eastern Europe, aiming at promoting the role of female mathematicians, started in Dec 2020, when the inaugural conference took place. We intend to make these conferences annual. The main goal of these conferences is to celebrate women in Mathematics, to disseminate new results and create new long-term collaborations among scientists in South-Eastern Europe. We hope Women in Mathematics of South-Eastern Europe will attract the attention of young researchers and researchers from less-favoured countries.

19 07, 2022

Vafa-Witten invariants on 4 and 3 dimensional manifolds, by Artan Sheshmani

2022-07-20T09:36:29+03:00July 19th, 2022|ICMS Seminar, News|

I will talk about joint work with Shing-Tung Yau, Sergei Gukov, and earlier joint work with Gholampour and Yau on Mathematical definition of Vafa-Witten invariants on 4 and 3 dimensional manifolds.

18 07, 2022

Ernesto Lupercio – Self-organized Criticality and Artificial Life

2022-07-22T11:40:54+03:00July 18th, 2022|Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series, News|

In this series of talks, we will explore how the field of self-organized criticality is useful to inform the structure of artificial models of life. This is joint work with Kalinin, Tabares and Shkolnikov, and with Cruz, Muñoz and Viafara.

17 06, 2022

The International Center for Mathematical Sciences received a three-year grant from Simons Foundation

2022-06-28T11:46:00+03:00June 17th, 2022|News|

The good news was announced personally by Prof. Yuri Tschinkel, Director of Mathematics and Physical Sciences division of Simons Foundation, during his visit to Sofia. The Foundation funded a project of the International Center for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS-Sofia) at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics for a period of three years. The funds will be used to organize international scientific forums with the participation of world-renowned and established mathematicians, to open new positions for researchers and to support scientists from Ukraine and other countries.

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