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16 05, 2021

First Annual Meeting of Young Bulgarian Mathematicians

2021-10-16T12:57:07+03:00May 16th, 2021|Conferences|

This meeting is the inaugural event of a series of annual meetings ICMS initiates. The series, which commemorates the brightest Bulgarian holiday the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and the Slavоnic Alphabet May 24, has as its main objective bringing together young Bulgarian mathematicians working all over the world.

1 03, 2021

Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States of America was signed by the Minister of Education and Science and the US Ambassador to Bulgaria

2021-03-02T14:54:56+02:00March 1st, 2021|News|

26 01, 2021

Terrence Tao – Sendov’s conjecture for sufficiently high degree polynomials

2021-10-16T13:38:24+03:00January 26th, 2021|Colloquium|

In 1958, Blagovest Sendov made the following conjecture: if a polynomial f of degree n ≥ 2 has all of its zeroes in the unit disk, and a is one of these zeroes, then at least one of the critical points of f lies within a unit distance of a. Despite a large amount of effort by many mathematicians and several partial results (such as the verification of the conjecture for degrees n ≤ 8), the full conjecture remains unresolved. In this talk, we present a new result that establishes the conjecture whenever the degree n is larger than some sufficiently large absolute constant n0. A result of this form was previously established in 2014 by Degot assuming that the distinguished zero a stayed away from the origin and the unit circle. To handle these latter cases we study the asymptotic limit as n → ∞ using techniques from potential theory (and in particular the theory of balayage), which has connections to probability theory (and Brownian motion in particular). Applying unique continuation theorems in the asymptotic limit, one can control the asymptotic behavior of both the zeroes and the critical points, which allows us to resolve the case when a is near the origin via the argument principle, and when a is near the unit circle by careful use of Taylor expansions to gain fine asymptotic control on the polynomial f.

8 12, 2020

Women in Mathematics in South-Eastern Europe 2020

2021-10-16T12:56:23+03:00December 8th, 2020|Conferences|

The inaugural conference of the initiative Women in Mathematics in South-Eastern Europe took place in Dec 2020. The mission of the initiative is to promote the role of female mathematicians. A special distinguished guest of the inaugural conference was prof. Mina Teicher from the Department of Mathematics and Gonda Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Prof Teicher is also Director of Emmy Noether Institute for Mathematics.

14 11, 2020

Recent Applications of the Theory of O-Minimal Structures to Various Questions in Hodge Theory

2021-10-25T16:16:52+03:00November 14th, 2020|Conferences, News|

The International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia (ICMS-Sofia) invites you to attend the virtual conference Recent Applications of the Theory of O-Minimal Structures to Various Questions in Hodge Theory - November 16 – 20, 2020

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