ICMS-Sofia and IMSA-Miami


Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series

August 11, 2023
IMI-BAS, Hall 403
and via Zoom

Remarks on Hodge Polynomials for Certain Non-algebraic Complex Manifolds

Ernesto Lupercio, Cinvestav-IPN
15:15-16:15 and 16:30–17:30
(EEST, Sofia time)

Abstract: This two talks explore Hodge polynomials and their properties, specifically focusing on non-Kähler complex manifolds. We investigate several families of such manifolds, including (Quasi) Hopf, (Quasi) Calabi-Eckmann, and LVM manifolds, alongside a class of definable complex manifolds that encompasses both algebraic varieties and the aforementioned special cases. Our main result establishes the preservation of the motivic nature of Hopf polynomials inside this broader context.

Joint work with Katzarkov (ICMS), Lee (Postech), and Meersseman (Angers).