The International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia (ICMS-Sofia)


ICMS Seminar

13.02.2024, 14:00 Sofia time,

ICMS-Sofia, Room 403

Quantum circuit complexity for light polarisation or complexity with no complex numbers…

Jean-Pierre Gazeau
APC, Université Paris-Cité

Abstract: I will present a form of quantum circuit complexity that extends to open systems. To illustrate the methodology, I  focus on a basic model where the Hilbert space of states is represented by the Euclidean plane. Specifically, the  investigation is about the dynamics of mixed quantum states as they undergo interactions with a sequence of gates. The approach involves the analysis of sequences of density matrices. Each density matrix evolves within the framework of a Gorini-Kossakowski-Lindblad-Sudarshan (GKLS) process during the time interval between consecutive gates. Notably, when considering an upper limit for the cost function, the optimal number of gates follows a power-law relationship.