The International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia (ICMS-Sofia)


ICMS Seminar

28.11.2023, 14:00, Sofia time

ICMS-Sofia, Room 403

de Sitter (dS) Relativity versus Poincaré Relativity

dS Plane Waves and a Novel Holographic Framework Preserving Reflection Positivity

Hamed Pejhan, IMI-BAS

Abstract: This presentation introduces a novel holographic correspondence in d-dimensional de Sitter (dS_d) spacetime, connecting bulk dS_d scalar unitary irreducible representations (UIRs) with their counterparts at the dS_d boundary, all while preserving reflection positivity. The proposed approach, with potential applicability to diverse dS_d UIRs, is rooted in the geometry of the complex dS_d spacetime and leverages the inherent properties of the (global) dS_d plane waves, as defined within their designated tube domains.