ICMS-Sofia and IMSA-Miami


Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series

August 11, 2023
IMI-BAS, Hall 403
and via Zoom

Borel-Weil Theorem and Laplace eigenfunctions on Riemannian symmetric spaces

by Gueo Grantcharov, Florida International University, USA
14:00–15:00 (EEST, Sofia time)

Abstract: In this talk I’ll present a geometric relation between the Laplace-Beltrami spectra and eigenfunctions on compact Riemannian symmetric spaces and the Borel-Weil theory using ideas from symplectic geometry and geometric quantization. The examples of the classical simply-connected spaces of rank one and the space $SU(3)/SO(3)$ will be considered in which one can describe all eigenfunctions in terms of harmonic polynomials.

This is joint work with D. Grantcharov and C. Montoya.