The International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia (ICMS-Sofia)
invites you to attend online lectures of the

IMSAC Consortium Distinguished Lecture Series

Maria J. Esteban,
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

organized by the
Institute of the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas Consortium (IMSAC)


April 18, 2022 April 20, 2022
18:00 (EEST, Sofia): Functional Inequalities and Improvements: Stability I 18:00 (EEST, Sofia): Functional Inequalities and Improvements: Stability I


Functional inequalities constitute a very useful toolbox in various fields of Mathematics, like analysis, spectral analysis, mathematical physical, theory of partial differential equations and differential geometry. For each of them, knowing the best constant in the inequality and as much as possible about the extremal, optimizing, functions is very important.

In these presentations I will describe how this field has developed very strongly in the last decades and how now we dispose of a good set of strategies to address all the above issues for a large family of inequalities. Also a recent set of important results are devoted to the improved inequalities that can be written for non optimizers, topic which is denoted as “stability” for the inequalities.

The methods that one can use and the different results that have been obtained will be discussed via the choice of a set of particular inequalities which enjoy interesting features or that are very useful in particular applications.

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