About us

The newly established International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia is a dynamic research unit for developing and dissemination of cutting edge new directions in Mathematics. It is affiliated with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences which is providing the infrastructure for the activities of the Center. The ICMS-Sofia is also working in collaboration with Bulgarian universities and institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The founder and first director of ICMS-Sofia was Acad. Blagovest Sendov.

Our Mission

The mission of ICMS-Sofia is:

  • To foster and facilitate research in Mathematics and its applications.
  • To disseminate advances in this research broadly and interactively to the global mathematical and scientific communities in South-Eastern Europe.
  • To build national and international capacity in the mathematical science and education workforce, by providing targeted educational opportunities at key points of human intellectual development from high school through postdoctoral training.
  • To foster the involvement of Bulgarian mathematicians in international projects, with a special emphasis on the professional development of young Bulgarian mathematicians.
  • To facilitate a gradually stronger involvement of Bulgarian mathematicians working abroad in advancing Mathematics research and education in Bulgaria.


An essential part of the activities of the Center is directed towards making a research and educational impact on cutting edge mathematical problems. For that purpose, the Center is organizing two thematic research programmes per year, each of them a semester long, as well as two group research projects, each an year long. Тhis is complemented by several colloquiums and individual lectures. The topics and participants of the programmes and projects, and the colloquium speakers are specified by the Advisory Board.

– Conferences
– Semesters
– Educational workshops